The 'Opposite' Family: Role Playing

Chicks in charge. I’m used to it.

When a guy marries ‘up’, he gets used to being the lieutenant. I actually like the role. Something goes wrong? Hey, not my fault!

It’s just part of the social evolution, for the most part. Women shattering the glass ceiling stuff. Good for them. I think they are more level-headed than men, anyway.

Our house is almost completely opposite of my memories from childhood. My wife does the heavy lifting, I cheer her on and make martinis at the end of the day.

If you’re old enough, the first television cooking show you likely remember is Julia Childs. She glorified the woman’s ‘role’ in the kitchen. Nowadays, there’s w-a-a-ay more men cooking on TV.

In fact, get outta my kitchen.

I embrace my role as chief cook in our house. I’m much more creative. Tell my wife to serve burgers and fries, you will get a good hamburger and, most likely, tater tots from a bag. Do not dismiss this as being anything less than the perfect meal! 


Put me in charge and the burgers will be part venison or buffalo, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and probably more. They will topped off with a slice of Maasdammer cheese. The fries might well be hand-cut sweet potatoes, sprinkled with cinnamon and sea salt.

You get the picture. Even if you don’t, what are you doing in my kitchen?

We’ve laughed at our household roles a lot recently. My wife has decided the basement needs a remodeling and the process is underway.

It is important. We spend ZERO time down there, and once every two or three years we have enough guests that someone needs to ‘go downstairs’ to sleep, so it should be perfect.

Besides, why waste money on fine bourbon when you can replace perfectly good carpet?

I’m not bitter.

My part in this project is to stay out of the way. While she talked to contractors, I played golf. While she packed boxes, I paid bills. While she pulled up carpet, I did the grocery shopping.

In fact, it is while she has gone to buy sandpaper that I write down these thoughts. I have nothing else to do. I’ve already folded the clothes.

Mind you, I have not abdicated the throne. I am still king of the castle! Lord of the manor! Etc., etc.

I still have my man card, and she knows it. In fact, I think she may keep it in her purse.

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